Website Design & Graphic Design: The Restaurant Industry.

In recent years, society is fast developing an increasing appetite
for the restaurant industry, with respects to both the customers and the restaurateurs. As a general expectation from both parties, a respectable restaurant needs to provide ‘the experience’. There are a number of factors that contribute to this ‘experience’, such as food quality, guest relations, customer service, table etiquette, restaurant décor and ambience. These are all elements with high expectations for the restaurateur to achieve and what the customer is looking for. Many restaurant businesses are aware of such expectations and have or are achieving such goals. However, in an era where technology can favour the growth of a business, many restaurants are committing the same mistake
over and over again. Restaurateurs are sinfully neglecting their website design.

This neglect could be the key factor that could make ‘the experience’
for the customer. From a consumer’s point of view, in deciding a meal out with family or friends, many would search online for a restaurant for the event. Therefore the website is the first impression a customer will have of that restaurant. And of course, first impressions count. Thus, it is extremely important to have the right website design for a
restaurant business.

A restaurant website should first be aesthetically pleasing to the
eye, with regards, for example, colour visual stimulation that would
intrigue the viewer. Once the viewer’s attention has been attained, website usability then becomes the key factor, which is a fundamental component in building any website. However, for the purposes of a restaurant business, other guidelines should be considered to create a successful website design that reflects the essence of the restaurant.

Such guidelines are important to follow because it helps create a professional website design,
which should in turn help deliver ‘the experience’ that the restaurant is capable of providing. For instance, Wagamama, a business that has considered such guidelines has become a corporate company with a worldwide reputation. Their website is captivating, yet consists of relevant information for the viewer.

In our next article, we will discuss such guidelines at length for a restaurant website.

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