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Weddings are a romantic gesture to establish the
unity of a couple. Whether it is fulfilled in a traditional manner or
completed later on in the relationship, it is one of the most important
life events a couple will embark upon. However in modern society, there
is no denying a wedding is an expensive investment. Currently, the
average wedding is approximately £17,500 to £18,000. For some people, a wedding
could even stretch to £25,000. This may not necessarily be due to the
couple’s extravagant needs and wants, but simply down to the wedding
industry. After all, it is an area where many businesses are trying to
gain a profit.

Therefore, many couples planning a wedding would have a
budget. This can be difficult to arrange considering the many
expectations of modern day wedding events; from colour co-ordination to
themes, flowers and decor, the list can be very daunting. Besides,
certain elements of a wedding cannot be bartered with. For instance, the
legalities of a wedding that has to be completed will cost
approximately £350 to £400.

However, budget weddings does not necessarily mean a
low key event that is humdrum and dull; an event that consists simply
of formalities and the endless list of guests whom will not have a
memorable time. There are many tips and tricks within this area that
could still help make the wedding as wonderful as those that are on the
top end of the financial scale. Such as a value-for-money wedding
package from hotels during low season, to finding that dream dress at a
second-hand wedding dress company or even at an “end of season sale”.
One of the most important element is to incorporate attention to detail
to your wedding. This element is the subtle but magical touch that
completes the package.

Graphic Design

Let’s focus on a money saving tip that will transform a budget wedding considerably. In this article we are introducing graphic design to a wedding event.
It may seem to be a strange combination of the two entities;
considering graphic design is portrayed as an artistic profession to
mainly aid business corporations to produce brand identity, corporate
unity and perhaps for promotional purposes. Whereas a wedding event
is a very personal and romantic affair. However, incorporating a
designer can prove very useful and even help keep costs to a minimum.

In terms of appointing a designer for this purpose, we are specifically focusing on his skills in logo design. In a traditional perspective, logos are designed to represent commercial enterprises, organisations and small individual businesses. The logos
are uniquely designed to promote the business and to gain recognition; a
logo should be designed with the capabilities to stand out from its
competitors and therefore creating a positive first impression. However
in a wedding aspect, we are looking at a logo design personal to the
happy couple, which represents them as a twosome to their family and
friends. A logo that is so uniquely designed that it creates a great
impression upon the wedding guests and promotes their special event.

In our next article we will discuss how to help your designer create this special wedding logo and how to apply this unique design to the event.

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