To achieve your dream wedding, use a graphic designer whose creativity can produce all your design elements for the special occasion. With a professional perspective, carefully selected colour schemes and graphical elements can give the impression of an expensive, glossy and glamorous wedding that is often expected and portrayed in the wedding industry. Therefore you are provided with a stunning visual and memorable experience of the event.

Dreamkatcha will initially create a wedding logo design personal for you and your partner, which will represent you as a twosome to your family and friends. A logo that is so uniquely designed that it will create a great impression upon your wedding guests and promote your special event. We will include a wedding stationery set with your logo design, transferring your unique logo onto save-the-date cards, invitations, name cards, favour labels and post-wedding thank you cards. Such elements will be individually designed for you, which will coordinate with your personal colour scheme and theme of the event. Additional options are available, which include cake topper decal or template for icing, rubber stamp template, poster, table plan, wedding photo album, animated visual effects, digital slideshow, ornament design and decor suggestions or design.

Please read our articles below for a detailed explanation regarding the advantages of having a graphic designer for your wedding event, the purposes of a wedding logo and the creative elements that can be achieved with it.


  • Save the date
  • Invites
  • Name cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Cake topper decal or template for icing
  • Rubber stamp template
  • Favour labels

Plus additional options such as:

  • Poster
  • Table plan
  • Wedding photo album
  • Animated visual effects
  • Digital Slideshow
  • Ornament design
  • Decor suggestions or design



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