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Previously, we have recognised how we rely on the internet in our daily lives and how our society is becoming more technological. Focusing back on the topic of weddings however, taking advantage of our high-tech trend is the secret method in creating that unique wedding event. Previously we have introduced the advantages of creating a wedding logo design that is unique and personal to you and your partner. Here we will discuss wedding website design, albeit not to be confused with a wedding company that has a website. We are discussing a website for your personal wedding event.

Wedding Website Design

There many advantages and purposes of a wedding website. First and utmost is an organisation, which is a key tool for creating a stress-free wedding. If having organisation skills are not your forte, you may perhaps have considered hiring a wedding organiser, but this can be costly and make it impersonal in the planning process. Having a wedding website is similar to having a big folder of all the important information that you will gather prior to the wedding event and therefore, enhancing or adding to that organisational skill. A wedding website cannot be lost or damaged and it is weightless. Combine our suggestions of what your wedding website should entail, alongside your appointed website designer, can provide a stress-free wedding.

Digital Wedding Invitation Design

Let’s draw our attention to a wedding invitation design first. Invites are a very costly affair, even if you decide to be creative and make your own. It is agreed that making your own invitations adds a personal touch, but it is time-consuming. Alongside the postage that needs to be completed (which most people underestimate the cost of), it can be a nightmare to organise on your part and that of the wedding guests’ RSVP. Also, in a society where we are conscious to be environmentally friendly, there is a huge waste of paper in this traditional method of inviting your guests to your event, as well as save the dates and thank you cards etc.

The solution is via email. With the help of your designer, an email can be created to initially inform your potential wedding guests; acting as “save-the-date” cards. The email sent will open as an e-flyer, which can be an attractive flyer design that is just as personal as a homemade invite, which briefly informs your family and friends of the upcoming event. The flyer will have a link that will take your guests to your wedding website, which will contain all the details of the wedding. This process is efficient, instant, modern and importantly, environmentally friendly. On that note, a trend of charity-giving is on the rise at wedding events; with the savings made on invitations and postage, a charitable donation can be made. With this suggestion, you are still entitled to have your wedding gift list or honey pot.

Join us in our next article, where we will discuss what your wedding website should entail.

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