What Makes A Good Logo?

A good logo design will stand out as the first point of contact between your new company
and the public. As such, it should not only communicate but relate to
your target audience. Over the years, we’ve seen some revolutionary
logos that have taken the world by surprise and elevated their parent
businesses to greater heights. What these logos have had in common is
their ability to inspire and remain memorable in the public domain.

Here are four attributes which make a good logo design;

1.Simplicity: Its often said simplicity is the
ultimate sophistication, and rightly so. Adopting a simple logo design
enables your logo to be more versatile, meaning it can be used across a
wide range of media, for example, business cards, billboards and on
badges. Simple logos also have the characteristic of being timeless, and
they can withstand the rapid changes in technology and design trends.
2.Relevance: You certainly want a logo that is
relatable to your audience and the current market trends. In light of
this, you should conduct a good research on your client’s world and
identify what inspires them. For example, if you are starting a health
foundation, having a smiling face as part of your logo will send out a
positive message. A relevant logo makes it easier for you to market your
products and services to your clientele.
3.Uniqueness and distinction; Aim at creating a logo
that can easily be picked out from the competition. To achieve you can
use some creativity on your colours. For example, white writings on a
black background are easily identified. A unique logo is memorable and
enables you to widen the scope of your operation.
4.Communication: a good logo should communicate your co
values to the public. Communication helps your audience understand what
you stand for as an organisation. As such, aim to include at least one
element of communication on your logo. For example, you can have your
company’s slogan engraved somewhere below the logo icon. This makes it
easily identifiable with your target audience, which elevates your

A professional logo designer has the necessary expertise to help you achieve the above attributes while creating your logo.

Here are some benefits of contracting a professional logo designer;

Experience: a professional
designer has the prerequisite experience to help you come up with a good
logo, having been in the industry for a long time.
Design knowledge: contracting a professional ensures
you keep up with the latest trends in regards to logo creation. This is
important in ensuring your logo remains relevant.
Time-saving: Professional logo designers work around
the clock to get you an ideal logo. Having been in the practice for a
long time, they can design a logo much faster saving you some precious
time.In a nutshell, a good logo is a combination of tact and wit. You
should ensure that you maintain your identity in the design while at the
same time communicating to the public.
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