Cheap or homemade websites are everywhere – they come and go. If you’ve ever dealt with them you know how confusing, intimidating and frustrating they can be. When a potential customer visits your website, you have from 4 to 10 seconds to grab their attention before they go back and start searching for someone else. To succeed in a dynamic, evolving online marketplace, you need a truly dynamic, captivating website design to grab your clients’ attention… and keep it! DREAMKATCHA will design you a website that is both visually enticing and easy to use, whilst making sure you won’t break the bank. We are affordable, not cheap.


Whether you are a business professional seeking a cutting-edge website for your already established company, or an entrepreneur looking for an affordable web design for your start-up business, we will work hand-in-hand with you to create the website that you’re looking for, and all within your budget. Once we have completed your website, why not inquire further regarding some printed or digital media to accompany your new online presence such as stationery, business cards or perhaps a flyer/mailer.


By keeping our quality high and costs low, we can proudly show consistent results and pass on the savings to you. Your website is more than just your online presence, but it is a direct reflection of your company’s professionalism and the service you provide. We understand that sacrificing quality is out of the question and understand that each project has different goals and requirements. Therefore we are able to offer you integrated packages – web design and graphic design all under one roof.


We can provide everything you will need to get your new website launched and established. We can register or transfer your domain name, set up your email and website hosting and provide SEO services to get you listed on search engines and start trading immediately.

So, if you’re ready to discover the massive potential that the internet has to offer and start expanding your business, contact us today for a free website design quote.

Every website designed by Dreamkatcha is based on a powerful yet easy to use CMS platform called WordPress, unless requested otherwise. This platform allows almost unlimited upgrades and expansion.  It is by far the most simple and intuitive for the average user to understand and edit/expand themselves.

In today’s modern and fast paced world, it is imperative for the end-user to be able to understand the working of their website; to be able to make changes as and when are needed.

Having spent years providing individuals and businesses with affective start-up websites, we have devised an affordable web design package. A brochure website that will suit a large percentage of first timers who just want to get online. A brochure web design is equivalent to a printed brochure; it outlines your services or products and provides a way for people to contact you, or make a purchase – with the addition of purchasing functions.

How Are You So Cheap? What's The Catch?

There’s no catch! For one, most companies are OVERCHARGING under the pretense that expensive must mean it’s good! We also don’t have the overheads like the big design companies that we are in competition with, so we don’t need to hike prices up to cover extensive outgoings.

Low Cost Web Design

We offer you low cost, fixed price web design and hosting packages to suit all requirements. Whether it’s a small brochure website to showcase your services, a full ecommerce website to sell your products online, or something more complex – talk to us at Dreamkatcha and we will create it for you.


Fully Responsive Websites

All of our websites and presentations are fully responsive and work seemlessly on all desktop and mobile devices. Google has recently decided that fully responsive websites will receive preferential treatment when it comes to search engine placement…so make sure yours is!


Search Engine Optimised

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is built into every one of our websites from the ground up so, you don’t have to worry about being found. We understand that your website is a 24hr workhorse and the portal to potential customers, so we make sure we cross the T’s and dot the I’s when it comes to back-end SEO.


Fixed Price

Unlike other companies we wont keep adding to our agreed price. What we decide in the briefing is what we will charge. So no hidden pitfalls along the way, you can rest assured we won’t blow your precious budget. All of our quotes are transparent and great value. We also don’t charge you for an hours work every time you want to make any small changes to your website once it is complete, like other leading agencies do – part of our first class aftercare that our clients love.

Easily Updated

We know you want to have full control over your shiny new website and with Dreamkatcha that comes as standard. We include for free what many companies like to charge you for – access to your own website! With our simple to use page builder you will be able to add events, images and blogs at any time you wish – at no extra cost to you.


First class support

One of the things our customers LOVE about Dreamkatcha is the support. Many of our clients have had dealings with web designers before and they are FAR from impressed, so they are delighted when they find how quick, friendly and helpful our aftercare and support is. If not for our extensive portfolio of website and graphic design, we can still hold our heads high with probably the best client support services you will find.

How it works…


No geeky speak! After our initial contact via email, social media or phone, we will invite you (if required) to come to the studio and discuss your project in more detail. Here you can ask any questions (you may refer to this list of FAQ on our website) you have been jotting down in your notepad and see if we are the right fit for you.

We also have this web design checklist for your convenience


If you like what we have to say and you decide to move forward with Dreamkatcha, at this point we would invoice you 50% for the total cost of your project. This enables us to get to work right away, building the back end of your website and to start thinking of design concepts.


Here we ask you to gather together all of the information you would like displayed on your website. If you have already written the copy for your website, thats great! If you would like a little help we can get a copywriter to assist you. We also require all of the images you have for the website. Again, if you dont have any, or would like some more professional shots to add impact to your site, we can recommend some good stock libraries to browse through.

Initial Build

Here we will have completed the back end of the websites’ admin system and we move on to designing the main front end of the website. Once we are happy for you to view the homepage artwork we will send you a link to give us the all clear to proceed with the rest of the website. If you have any major concerns these can be addressed at this stage before we continue.


Once the entire website is complete we will then ask you again to go through each page and section and give any feedback or amendments that you have for us. This could be a change of  text or perhaps a change of imagery.


It’s the big day! After we have sent you the final invoice and you are happy with everything we have produced, we are ready fot the launch. We will upload the site to a live server and notify all of the major search engines that you are ready to be seen.


If you have chosen our Managed Hosting Package you are now free to edit, expand and change your website however you see fit. The safety of your website will be ensured by our first class security systems and you will also benefit from our daily backups, so, should anything go wrong, you are always in safe hands for us to put it right again. If you would like,  we can create some training videos explaining how to edit each section of your website – simply ask us at any point if you don’t feel comfortable roaming around your website without something to refer to.


Achieve your goals quickly and affordably, all under one roof.