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I don’t bombard you with lots of technical and intimidating blurb that you may not understand, designed to confuse or impress you. I communicate with my clients in a friendly and relaxed manner. Explaining in detail, the design jargon that is commonplace in the online community.

Over the last two decades, Dreamkatcha has helped many small startup companies blossom into well established and successful businesses, giving them the edge they needed through professional design services.

Because speed and efficiency are not only important, they are essential in today’s world, as is communication. Whether you have a question you need answering or you’ve just remembered an important detail, Reassuringly, I will be there at every stage of your design project to advise and support you.

With other design agencies you may be dealing with as many as ten or more different people via phone/email. But this can lead to confusion from the client’s point of view, and a lack of direct communication with the designers.

Here at DREAMKATCHA you will only ever be dealing with ONE designer, and all project work will be dealt with on a very personal one-to-one basis.

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Dreamkatcher Web designer logo part
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Berkshire Web Design Agency

My name is Lee Ault. I finished my education at Berkshire College of Art and Design, Reading many years ago. Thereafter I decided to put my knowledge to the test. So, I began setting up interviews with some of the best known design agencies in the country. After my first interview, I was hired as a Junior Desktop Publisher in a mid-sized company where my creative career began.

Within a year, I was promoted to Graphic Designer and had also started learning web design. Back in the early 90’s this was still in its infancy. But I recognised its potential and decided to dedicate my time to mastering this new technology.

Before long I was working with top agencies in London. Eventually, I decided to accept an offer to be the Studio Manager at the third-biggest business-to-business agency in the country,  Here I was fortunate to spend another three years learning all there was to know about the design world.

It was around this time that I decided I wanted a new challenge. To launch my own business in this new and exciting digital world. I resolved to go it alone as a freelance website designer/graphic designer in Berkshire. I initiated my own company, DREAMCATCHER STUDIOS LTD.

Freelance Web Designer

Centred within the entertainment industry, I designed websites for some of the biggest nightclubs, restaurants, DJ’s and musicians worldwide. In very little time, Dreamcatcher Studios became very well known,. Thanks to lots of hard work and determination, my company gained a very good reputation in a relatively short space of time. I had lots of business directed my way thanks to my exciting designs and my former clients’ word of mouth This kept me very busy for the next ten years.

I worked with a small number of technical personnel who helped with the ever-changing software and advancements in online technology.

DREAMCATCHER STUDIOS LTD eventually branched out from entertainment and became more involved in the corporate side of design and marketing. I was now working with a myriad of companies of all sizes, from new businesses to well established corporations.

The future…
Dreamcatcher Studios became DREAMKATCHA. More streamlined and more efficient than ever before. I have gone back to the drawing board and mastered all of the latest technologies. Enabling me to produce the best quality online and printed media for my clients.

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