Why Choose a Web Designer In Berkshire (Part 1)

After being in the web design industry for over 20 years, one thing we have learned is that the ideal way to achieve a productive and pleasant user experience is to ensure that your website visitors can find what they are looking for easily. To achieve this, we put all our efforts into ensuring that your content is delivered both intuitively and innovatively. Part of our strategy is going the extra mile for our clients.

Our web design Berkshire team stays up to date with the latest web design trends and web protocols. When developing websites, we make use of popular website interfaces, including fluid shapes and split-screen designs.

Our website design prices are extremely affordable. Our team is always looking for ways to cut out extra and unnecessary costs when designing and developing websites.

We understand that a large number of people access websites via mobile devices. This is the reason we focus on ensuring that every website we develop is capable of adapting to the device size, while still remaining both elegant and beautiful.

Every website we structure features a user-friendly interface. Additionally, our web design team works tirelessly to ensure that your website features elegant web search guidelines.

The website design market is pretty competitive. To stay ahead of our competition, we have been focusing on building a team featuring qualified and dedicated graphics and website designers. Every team member has a vast knowledge of his or her respective area.

We have handled thousands of web design Berkshire projects over the years. The majority of our new clients are usually referred to us by our old clients. Our old clients keep coming back, seeking new services. By focusing on creating websites capable of boosting our client’s brand image and business profitability, we manage to win long-term clients.

At Dreamkatcha, we have zero hidden costs. We don’t use affordable prices to bait our clients and then charge them more money once they decide to work with us. What you see on our website design Berkshire price list is what you end up paying. By ensuring that 0% of our clients end up being overcharged, we have managed to get thousands of clients from all over the UK to trust us. Our clients consider us to be the most affordable and professional website development agency in the UK.


A large number of website developers will include basic functionalities on your website initially. When you need more functionalities, they will charge you more money. In most instances, the charges are generally outrageous, even for very simple changes.

At Dreamkatcha, we ensure that every client knows what he/she will be getting for his or her money. Our website features our web design Berkshire packages and the prices to expect for each package. When you request a quote, we will mention the prices you should expect clearly. By not using hidden charges to take advantage of our clients, we build trust and also help our clients save much of their money while getting high-quality services.

Creativity is one of the most valuable skills possessed by our web designer Berkshire team. On top of using this skill to create unique and attractive websites, our team focuses on ensuring that the website leaves a lasting impression on both customers and users. Our main goal is to ensure that your visitors keep coming back.

Since Dreamkatcha’s inception back in 1995, our company has managed to grow from being just another web design Berkshire company into a brand that is recognized all over the UK. When people hear the name Dreamkatcha, what comes into their mind is effective digital strategies, out of the box thinking, and professionalism.

We focus on doing anything that has to be done to ensure that we deliver your project on time. We do not leave our clients after delivering their perfect websites. We regularly contact the clients to advise on how to maintain the websites. If any improvements are necessary, our team will be more than willing to assist with the improvements.

Our web designer Berkshire team creates websites using customized lines of code. This does not just help us implement every unique functionality you would like to have on your website. It also helps us discourage both hacking and code copying.

Our custom-coded websites are built according to the specific brand requirements. The website’s flexibility offers long-term scalability. As your business expands, instead of having to invest in building a new website, you can simply add pages, functionality, change the look, and add more features.