WordPress Update’s Vaughan Identity

The latest version of WordPress named in honour of Sarah Vaughan

At Dreamkatcha we always use the best web design platforms
– such as WordPress. WordPress Version 4.7 could also be known as “the
divine one” or “sassy”. This is in honour of the jazz vocalist, Sarah
Vaughan. The latest version of WordPress will include a wealth of
exciting features and the welcome retention of familiar ones. New
features include:

  • Video Headers: instead of static headers, Version 4.7 will enable you to add YouTube and Vimeo clips into your header graphic windows;
  • Easier CSS customisation: new editing facilities
    will enable you to make tweaks to your theme’s Cascading Style Sheets in an easier way than previous versions;
  • Improved theme preview mode: changing a WordPress theme will enable you to see the changes instantly, prior to saving them.

Since WordPress began, each version of the world’s most popular
content management system has been named after jazz musicians and
singers. The first version was named after Miles Davis. Later versions
were named in honour of Dinah Washington and Billie Holliday.

Sarah Vaughan was also known as “the divine one” or “sassy”. She was a
four-time Grammy Award winner, including one for Lifetime Achievement.
Her best-known songs include If You Could See Me Now, Don’t Blame Me, and Send in the Clowns. In 1977, she also guested on Consequences, Godley and Creme’s first album after leaving 10cc, singing Lost Weekend. The Manchester-based duo couldn’t get hold of their original choice who was Ella Fitzgerald.

Introducing WordPress 4.7: Vaughan

Mr Mullenweg and Co. have produced a rather nice video of Vaughan’s
features. It is fair to say that the features of our favoured CMS have
improved again. At this very moment, there’s no sign of our favourite
CMS waning in popularity.

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Dreamkatcha, 11 December 2016.