Here Are the Top Reasons You Should Start Using WordPress Today

Are you one of those freelance web designers in Bracknell who often find yourself thinking, “why use WordPress?”

Congratulations because you have come to the right place. Contemplating this question suggests you have at least investigated WordPress a bit or heard it from a colleague or friend.
However, that does not necessarily indicate you have assessed the pros and cons and tested out the features in-depth.

That is why we would like to break down the advantages of using this platform for you, offering a crystal-clear view as to why it is the most crucial content management system and website building software available in the world.

P.S. WordPress can do just about anything!

So, without further ado, here are the top reasons you should start using WordPress today!

Reason #1. WordPress has a built-in, free page builder.

Did you know that WordPress has accomplished new heights in the past two years by integrating excellent functionality updates? One of their major advancements is launching the new block editor. This interface enables you to create your posts and content pages with easy drag-and-drop and visually.
What’s more, you will find numerous add-on plugins for the block editor that you can take advantage of to add more features.

Reason #2. WordPress makes content creation as simple as typing in Microsoft Word.

If you can make a text document in MS Words, you can also make a formatted post in WordPress! You can easily get rid of those complicated codes because formatting the text in WordPress is a breeze! All you must do is click some buttons, and you are good to go!
Why use WordPress? It has distraction-free editing, not to mention their page builders can help you care even more complex designs without needing to know a single line of code.

Reason #3. WordPress is extremely responsive.

There’s no doubt that mobile internet browsing has transformed substantially. That is why you should have a website that works perfectly on all devices and not only on computers. Another good thing about using WordPress is that it features responsive design themes. Meaning, it automatically scales to look awesome on all device types!

Reason #4. WordPress loads faster, given it is configured properly.

Keep in mind how fast your website loads impacts everything from how much your website visitors enjoy it to how likely they are to buy anything from it.
Do you take the necessary time to put the proper speed optimisations, such as picking a fast WordPress theme? Then expect your website will load quickly. The best part here is that it is more than possible to accomplish page load times under a second using WordPress.

Reason #5. It makes SEO simpler and straightforward.

As a Bracknell freelance web designer, you understand how SEO plays a crucial role in driving traffic to your WordPress site. Now, it is extremely simple to SEO-optimise WordPress without being a techie nerd, thanks to plugins such as All in One SEO, Yoast SEO, and so much more.

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Reason #6. The platform is dedicated to becoming more user-friendly.

In response to other website builders like Wix and Squarespace, WordPress has doubled down, making itself more user-friendly for beginner users. That also indicates the platform is dedicated to becoming as simple-to-use and stress-free as Squarespace while keeping its huge flexibility benefit.
How awesome is that?

Reason #7. Participate in different offline fun events.

Every year, WordPress hosts different meet-ups and WordCamps globally. Participating and joining those meet-ups offers you a chance to network along with like-minded people and acquire new things about the platform itself.
You might not benefit from it immediately, but these awesome and fun-filled events are another major advantage when you start using WordPress.

Reason #8. It follows accessibility standards.

In case you didn’t know, accessibility is all about making the web simpler to use for people with a sensory or physical disability. Another awesome thing about WordPress is their core team puts a special emphasis on making their software accessible to everybody, even to those who are physically and sensory incapacitated.

Reason #9. Connect with your favourite third-party tools.

Do you have a favourite tool you want to use while working on WordPress? Lucky for you because the software allows you to still use your favourite payment gateways, email marketing service, and more!
With its massive selection of plugins, you can easily connect WordPress to the most popular third-party website services available.

Reason #10. However, you can also develop a self-contained ecosystem through WordPress.

Are you not a supporter of using third-party services? Fret not, because WordPress makes it simpler for you to keep everything within your dashboard. Of course, you can easily create an email list, send newsletters and more without needing to leave your dashboard. That’s especially helpful if you like to go the opposite route from using third-party tools.

Reason #11. It is not just about websites.

Every year, WordPress shocks its users for the capability it can offer. The software opens the door for website companies and developers to make exciting apps based on WordPress. Amazing, isn’t it?
That means you can use WordPress content in new interesting, and awesome ways you could have ever imagined before.

Reason #12. It’s super flexible!

Flexibility is one of the major advantages of using WordPress. You see, you can use the platform for nearly everything because of its massive plugin ecosystem. WordPress got you covered whether you want to develop an eCommerce store or launch a local directory like Yelp to create a unique social network; WordPress got you covered!
Gone are the days when WordPress is just for blogging.

Reason #13. Support is everywhere.

Do you have issues with your WordPress and need some answers? Don’t worry because WordPress’s support is huge. You see, it is the most widely used CMS system on the planet. Hence, you will find a significant support ecosystem for everything and anything related to WordPress.
From WordPress tutorials to blogs and how-to guides and support forums, you will find anything!

Reason #14. WordPress is cost-efficient than other options.

Have you tried comparing different content management systems available in the market today? If so, you already realised that WordPress is one of the best options today. The software itself is free, and you can find various plugins and themes you can use to create your website.
That only means the unavoidable fixed costs you have are cheap WordPress hosting and a domain name. Overall, it is highly possible to run a basic WordPress website for as little as $60 every year. That’s especially true, even though you may go beyond that if you prefer the premium themes or plugins.
But if you compare to Squarespace with a basic plan of $96, WordPress wins.

Reason #15. WordPress is multilingual.

Are you not a native English speaker? With WordPress, no problem! Their translation team have already translated the application into 169 different languages. Furthermore, most plugins also provide translated versions. It also allows you to make a multilingual website using plugins such as Weglot and Plylang.

Why Use WordPress? It ROCKS!

WordPress has a massive and powerful following globally. Some developers would rather use other platforms, but that often has to do with understanding specific coding languages and putting themselves in less user-friendly environments.
WordPress is the perfect option for web design companies, freelance web designers, and eCommerce experts. You do not just keep total control over your website, but you also get awesome benefits such as free tools, plugins, themes, and media support.
There you have it! We hope we have answered your big question, “Why you should use WordPress?” If your friend or colleague asks you the same question, feel free to send them over here!