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New White Label Design Service from Dreamkatcha

The white-label service in the world of graphics, web design and business means companies and agencies are able to expand their services without the need to invest, thus saving the financial outlay. The company is acquiring the precious and creative skills of a graphics designer that extends its range of services to its clientele. Therefore they are potentially expanding their business and target audience. On the other hand, the designer is gaining work, thus extending and expanding their professional skill set and knowledge with lots of practice. It’s a fair trade of business; after all “sharing is caring”.

This type of service is also readily made available to those companies that are already expanded with an arduous list of clientele. Where the workload for the company is simply much too high. The white-label service enables graphic and web designers to “lend a hand” to those companies. There is a no-obligation contract, therefore the company need not worry about supplying the designer with a certain amount of work over a course of time. The designers are just there to help when needed.

There are three types of white labelling; they include the Silent Partner, the Direct Dealer and the Referral. The Silent Partner is where the designer works behind the scenes, without having to contact the company’s client during the design process. They are essentially working as the company’s in-house asset. All that is needed, is a forwarded design questionnaire from the company to the client, which is then referred back to the designer who will do the rest.

The Direct Dealer is where the designer represents the company. They will directly contact the company’s client on their behalf and get the project underway. This is particularly useful when clients have an in-depth brief with technical questions that the designer can help answer. This method essentially cuts out the middle-man (the company), thus eliminating the chance of confusion or misunderstanding.

If there is a project being presented to the company by a client, which the company do not wish to have involvement in, they can refer the project to their chosen designer. This is known as The Referral. This method enables the company to take a step back but not disappoint its client by totally refusing the project. This is a more traditional way of outsourcing. 

Whichever method of the white label service is chosen, the advantages are wide. As said above, first and most importantly, the company’s financial outlay is significantly lowered. Furthermore, this enables the company to expand on their services for their clients because the designers solicited work as an extension of the company. However, unlike traditional means, there is a no-obligation contract on behalf of the company to make a long-term investment in those skills; only as and when needed.

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