Why is graphic design important to your business?

Consider the coffee mug that you’re drinking out of, the bottle of shampoo perched on the edge of your shower and also the fruit bowl in the centre of your table at home. What do all these seemingly random items have have in common? More than likely, a graphic designer will have been involved at […]

What Makes A Good Logo?

A good logo design will stand out as the first point of contact between your new companyand the public. As such, it should not only communicate but relate toyour target audience. Over the years, we’ve seen some revolutionarylogos that have taken the world by surprise and elevated their parentbusinesses to greater heights. What these logos […]

The Different Types of Logo Design

When it comes to logo design services, we come across a range of different types. The term logo, which is an abbreviation for logotype, designates a symbol that represents a company. Despite the fact that they might seem very trivial in nature, these are arguably one of the most powerful marketing tools. As a matter […]